NT announces productions for Feb to May 2006

NT announces productions for Feb to May 2006

The National Theatre has announced productions for Feb 2006 to May 2006

Public booking opens 1 Dec 2006

Repertoire dates can be found at: HERE

In the Olivier...

The Royal Hunt of the Sun
by Peter Shaffer
Previews from 30 March 2006, Opens 12 April 2006, booking to 13 May 2006
Directed by Trevor Nunn
Intent on the conquest of Peru, Spanish soldier Pizarro entices recruits with the promise of inconceivable riches, while the Church claims the cause for Christianity. The ensuing clash between two cultures leaves thousands of unarmed Inca troops slaughtered and sparks an intense battle of wills between the sun-god and his captor, as the Spaniards plunder for gold.

In the Lyttelton...

Two Thousand Years
by Mike Leigh.
A Transfer from the Cottesloe
Previews from 25 March 2006, Opens 28 March 2006, booking to 8 April 2006
Secular Jewish parents struggling to cope with their son’s fierce new dedication to the Hebrew faith.

Measure For Measure
By William Shakespeare
Complicite production returns to the National
from 10 Feb 2006, booking to 18 March 2006
Directed Simon McBurney
Starring Jamie Bradley, Steven Crossley, Hannes Flaschberger, Naomi Frederick, Mike Grady, Tamzin Griffin, Katie Jones, Richard Katz, Anamaria Marinca, Clive Mendus, Ben Meyjes, Ajay Naidu, Craig Parkinson, Kostas Philippoglou, Angus Wright
What happens when a Duke hands over his power to his second-in-command and wanders the streets in disguise to watch as events unfold? What if that second-in-command pursues his obsession to purify society of sexual corruption, yet finds himself caught up in his own erotic dream? And what if a young man finds himself condemned to death for fornication, the price of his life is his sister's virginity, and his sister is a nun?


In the Cottesloe...

Southwark Fair
by Samuel Adamson
Previews from 10 Feb 2006, Opens 16 Feb 2006, booking to 5 April 2006
Directed by Nicholas Hytner
Starring Margaret Tyzack
Past misdemeanours bear down on the present when Patrick calls up one lover with another in mind. When his wife discovers what he’s up to, she pursues his discarded date through the maelstrom of the South Bank, where a Bird Whistler flogs his wares, a trainee barista primes himself for his wedding, and an elderly actress stalks the Deputy Mayor of London.

Burn / Chatroom / Citizenship
by Deborah Gearing / by Enda Walsh / by Mark Ravenhill
Previews from 3 March 2006, Opens 15 March 2006, booking to 8 April 2006
*NOTE: 2 or 3 of the plays are included at each performance.
Three short (50mins), sharp and provocative plays where the drama of teenagers’ lives take centre stage.

BURN: A loner in foster-care asks a girl out on an ill-fated date in a stolen car. One day, on the riverbank, the friends he never had narrate the story of his dramatic last day.

CHATROOM: In cyberspace six 15-year-olds type and chat. A chilling and powerful tale of manipulation and the ultimate act of teenage rebellion.

CITIZENSHIP: A bittersweet comedy about growing up, following a boy’s frank and messy search to discover his sexual identity.

Productions extended

Once in a Lifetime
by George S Kaufman and Moss Hart.
Opens 15 Dec 2005, following previews from 5 Dec, EXTENDED to 11 Mar 2006).
Directed by Edward Hall, designed by Mark Thompson, lighting by Hugh Vanstone.
As the talkies hit the headlines, three New York actors abandon their clapped-out vaudeville act to make it big in Hollywood. Jerry and May have a brilliant idea: a voice school for the brainless stars of the silent movies. Their sweet pal, George, tags along for the ride. He’s dumb enough to impress the mighty Glogauer, head of Glogauer Studios, and when Jerry and May are drummed out of town, George comes up smelling of roses.


New Platforms announced....
(6pm (45 mins) £3·50 unless stated

Craig Brown on Willie Donaldson
11 Jan 2006, Lyttelton
Craig Brown, Terence Blacker and a galaxy of writers, actors and comedians, celebrate the off-beat writings of William Donaldson, aka Henry Root.

Ibsen Playreading: Love's Comedy (1862)
16 Jan 2006, Lyttelton
This rarely seen early verse drama anticipates the key themes of Ibsen’s later work.

Ned Sherrin: The Autobiography
19 Jan 2006, Lyttelton
Satirist, radio presenter and theatre director Ned Sherrin, looks back on his life and career.

Adapting Children's Novels to Stage
20 Jan 2006, Olivier
Anthony Clark, Vicky Ireland and Adrian Mitchell discuss adapting children’s literature into plays.

The History Man
25 Jan 2006, Lyttelton
Christopher Lee, author of BBC’s This Sceptred Isle, proving that history is a great adventure.

Free Expression is No Offence
27 Jan 2006, Olivier
David Edgar, Nicholas Hytner and Anthony Lester QC join Lisa Appignanesi, marking PEN's new collection of essays

Mike Leigh
30 Jan 2006, Olivier
The writer and director talks about his first play for the National Theatre.

Real Coram Children
3 Feb 2006, Olivier
Representatives from Coram Family and The Foundling Museum explain the continuing influence of Captain Thomas Coram’s Foundling Hospital.

Remembering Arthur Miller
13 Feb 2006, Olivier
Christopher Bigsby leads a discussion based on the new collection of reflections on the late Arthur Miller from over 70 writers, actors, directors and friends.

Samuel Adamson and Nicholas Hytner on Southwark Fair
17 Feb 2006, Cottesloe
Writer Samuel Adamson talks about his work with the play's director.

Eric Sykes: If I Don't Write It, Nobody Else Will
28 Feb 2006, Olivier
Eric Sykes discusses his extraordinary life working alongside a generation of legendary comedians and entertainers.

Anne Kaufman
9 Mar 2006, Olivier
The only daughter of Once in a Lifetime author George S Kaufman comes to the National to talk about the work of her celebrated playwright father.

Deborah Gearing, Mark Ravenhill and Enda Walsh on Burn, Chatroom, Citizenship
23 Mar 2006, Cottesloe

Tennessee Williams – After the Streetcar
31 Mar 2006, Cottesloe
A reading from the second volume of the newly published Letters of Tennessee Williams

The Coming of Godot with Peter Hall
27 April 2006, Olivier
In the year of Samuel Beckett's centenary, Peter Hall recalls the original London production of Beckett's groundbreaking masterpiece, Waiting for Godot.

Peter Shaffer and Trevor Nunn on The Royal Hunt of the Sun
28 April 2006, Olivier
The distinguished playwright Peter Shaffer discusses his seminal work with Trevor Nunn.

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