NT announces productions to Aug 2006

NT announces productions to Aug 2006

The National Theatre has announced productions to Aug 2006

Public booking opens 4 May 2006 for new productions and some extensions

Repertoire dates can be found at: HERE

New Shows...

The Seagull
by Anton Chekhov, in a version by Martin Crimp
at Lyttelton Theatre.
Previews 17 Jun 2006, Opens 27 June - 5 Aug 2006
Directed by Katie Mitchell.
Starring: Juliet Stevenson, Ben Whishaw, Mark Bazeley, Michael Gould, Sean Jackson, Liz Kettle, Sandy McDade, Hattie Morahan, Justin Salinger, Angus Wright
‘Young girl lives on shore of lake since childhood – like you. Loves the lake – like the seagull. Is happy and free – like the seagull. Then one day a man turns up, sees her, and mindlessly destroys her.’

The Life of Galileo
by Bertolt Brecht, in a version by David Hare
at Olivier Theatre
Previews 28 Jun 2006, Opens 6 July - 8 Aug 2006
Directed by Howard Davies
starring Simon Russell Beale
Galileo’s astonishing proof that the earth moves around the sun shatters a belief held sacred for two thousand years. Considered an enemy of humanity, he’s threatened with torture and faced with a terrible choice: integrity versus intellectual sell-out.


by James Joyce
at Cottesloe Theatre
Previews 26 Jul 2006, Opens 2 Aug - 12 Aug 2006
Back in Dublin after nine years abroad, Richard and Bertha have to confront two other people who love them, and ask themselves questions about guilt and responsibility. Will infidelity hold them together?


Shows Extended...

Two Thousand Years
(Booking to 29 Jul 2006)
Market Boy
(Booking to 3 Aug 2006)
Royal Hunt of the Sun
(Booking to 12 Aug 2006)
Southwark Fair
(Booking to 4 Jul 2006)
(Booking to 8 Aug 2006)


Cast Update...

by JT Rogers
at Cottesloe Theatre
Previews 9 May, Opens 17 May - 8 Aug 2006
Directed by Max Stafford-Clark
Starring: Matthew Marsh (Jack Exley), Andrew Garfield (Geoffrey Exley), Tanya Moodie (Linda White-keeler), William Armstrong (Charles Wolsey / British Doctor), Nick Fletcher (Jean-claude / Clark ), Jude Akuwudike (Joseph Gasana / Hospital Orderly / Waiter ), Chipo Chung (Elise Kayitesi / Waitress / Rwandan Doctor ), Danny Sapani (Samuel Mizinga ), Babou Ceesay (Gerard / Waiter ), Adura Onashile (Woman In Club / Market Woman / Waitress ), Lucian Msamati (Un Lieutenant / Man In Nightclub / Man At Embassy Party / Market Man / Policeman )
Seizing the opportunity to research a book, Jack Exley uproots his family from Illinois to Rwanda in early 1994. Alarmingly out of depth, Jack begins a fervent search for his dear and missing friend while his wife and teenage son find trouble of their own. As Jack involves himself in the local politics, he discovers a pattern of brutality and beliefs that jeopardizes the lives of everyone around him.


New Platforms announced....
(6pm (45 mins) £3·50 unless stated

Simon Callow: Orson Welles
14 June 2006, Cottesloe
Simon Callow talks about Hello Americans, the second volume of his biography of Orson Welles.
Followed by a booksigning

John Carey: What Good Are The Arts?
16 June 2006, Cottesloe
Talks about his assessment of the true value of art.
Followed by a booksigning

Rwanda: Survival Against the Odds
27 June 2006, Cottesloe
Mary Kayitesi Blewitt lost almost her entire family in the Rwandan genocide. She talks about the work of the charity Survivors Fund, and the continuing effect of the atrocities.

Some Kind of Bliss
by Samuel Adamson 3 July 2006, Cottesloe
A pop journalist’s life is changed forever after two savage incidents by the Thames in this dark and comic monologue

Pizarro by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
12 July 2006, 2pm, Olivier
telling of the Peruvian struggle for independence against the Spanish.

Shell Connections: Appropriate Actions?
14 July 2006, Olivier
The Welsh Assembly’s recent consultation on drama teaching, made in the wake of a serious abuse case, raises vital questions about language, subject, physicality and choice of material.

Shell Connections: Writers’ Forum
14 July 2006, Cottesloe
Some of this year’s writers discuss their experiences of contributing to Connections 2006.

Bernard Shaw: Political Thinker
26 July 2006,Olivier
in association with the Fabian Society

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