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Top Off-West End Theatre to See in London

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Away from the bright lights of the West End, London’s bustling theatre scene continues to explode. There’s new productions opening weekly at some of the capital’s coolest venues: the Royal Court, the Donmar Warehouse, and Southwark Playhouse to name a few. Plus, there’s non-traditional theatre experiences galore across the city. Enjoy immersive theatre shows courtesy of Secret Cinema, Immersive LDN, and more.

Sometimes, off-West End shows gain quick popularity and transfer into the West End, Broadway, and beyond. So be the first person at some of London’s newest shows and be in the early audiences! Discover all the off-West End theatre available right now.

Book great tickets to Off-West End theatre during our Off West End Theatre Week sale. Get theatre tickets from £10 to dozens of London shows. Find out more about Off-West End Theatre Week plays and Off-West End Theatre Week musicals.

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What do you want? We all dream of different things, but falling in love can often unite us. In Patrick Marber's Closer, four strangers meet, find joy in one another, and then drift apart. Lust, sex, and desire play a crucial role in Closer. Enjoy the passionate moments in this play.

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LT - CTA - 250

Henry VIII - 1200 - LT - 260522

Henry VIII

We all know Henry VIII's Tudor rule changed the future of world history. But how did the women fare under him? Join Henry VIII's wives as they fight for justice in a patriarchal society.

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August Wilson's Jitney follows Jim Becker, a taxi-rank manager who oversees a group of unlicensed drivers that ferry people across the Pittsburgh Hill District. In a four-star review for London Theatre, Jitney is “worth the ride.” You'll want to book now, as Jitney plays to 9 July.

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LT - CTA - 250

The Southbury Child - 750 - LT

The Southbury Child

The Bridge Theatre typically stages new work. It continues the trend with Stephen Beresford’s The Southbury Child running this summer. The Olivier-winning actor Alex Jennings will play David, a rundown vicar who has to gain the trust of his community back after shocking revelations come to the surface.

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LT - CTA - 250

That Is Not Who I Am - 1200 - LT - 170622

That Is Not Who I Am

It’s the theatre mystery that’s plaguing our minds. Who is Dave Davidson? According to the Royal Court, he’s an unknown playwright who has penned this generation’s must-see hit. That Is Not Who I Am follows Ollie, a young man who fears his real and online lives are collapsing after a stolen identity attack. Book your tickets now to solve this intriguing case.

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LT - CTA - 250

Sh!tfaced Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

In this Romeo and Juliet, join the feuding Montague and Capulet families with a tipple or two. One intoxicated cast member must make it through the entire performance. Expect plenty of theatrical chaos, improvised situations, and a lot of stumbled lines!

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LT - CTA - 250

Mulan Rouge

What do you get if you cross the Moulin Rouge! film and lifestyle with Disney’s Mulan? Easy. The Mulan Rouge. In this burlesque drag smash, audiences are taken on a journey with Mulan as she finds herself in the Parisian cabaret. Expect can-can dancers, plenty of huns, and nods to the green fairy. Mulan Rouge takes place in the Vaults.

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LT - CTA - 250

The Great Gatsby - LT - 750 - 030322

The Great Gatsby

Care for a night of theatre, old sport? Okay, maybe Jay Gatsby didn’t say those exact words in The Great Gatsby novel, but once you step into London’s very own West Egg party, get ready for a night on the tiles! The Great Gatsby is an immersive show which incorporates all the F. Scott Fitzgerald characters and storylines with a rejuvenated feel. Join Daisy Buchanan, Nick Carraway, and more in this spectacular London party. Get ready to clink the champagne glasses and charleston the night away.

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LT - CTA - 250

Julius Caesar

Roman emperors and British politicians have a lot in common, and that comes to light in Julius Caesar. In Shakespeare's play, Cassius and Brutus conspire to assassinate the eponymous ruler. Diane Page directs.

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LT - CTA - 250

The Darkest Part of the Night

Zodwya Nyoni’s latest play deals with family burdens, grief, and togetherness. At the start of the play, siblings Shirley and Dwight bury their mother. But in doing so, they remember the racial discrimination they suffered, particularly in 1980s Leeds. Now they’re adults, so the siblings can reconcile their differences. However moving forward proves a complicated and tricky path. Nancy Medina directs a gripping play, set to take over the Kiln Theatre this summer.

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LT - CTA - 250

Yeast Nation

Yes. It’s a musical all about yeast. The single-cell organism is set to take over your mind and body in this comedy musical. During the show, the yeast cells — all named Jan — rise up to become the first colony on Earth. It’s brought to life by the creators of Urinetown, The Toxic Avenger, and Night of the Living Dead - Live! So expect the unexpected.

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LT - CTA - 250

Yummy Iconic

Australian cabaret group YUMMY return to our shores this summer with another delightful hit. This time, it’s set to be simply “iconic.” No really, that’s the name of the show! ICONIC celebrates a plethora of drag artists and how drag has changed and developed as an art form in recent years. Get ready for the wild, the wacky and the downright entertaining!

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LT - CTA - 250

Tom, Dick & Harry

Make your great escape to off-West End theatres this summer and see Tom, Dick & Harry this summer. The World War Two-themed play explores how prisoners of wars escaped camp through a trio of human-named tunnels. Tom, Dick & Harry includes recently declassified military information. So if you’re a history lover, or want to learn more while seeing a show, then head on over to Alexandra Palace.

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LT - CTA - 250

The Fellowship

As children of the Windrush generation, it was difficult growing up in the United Kingdom. Dawn and Marcia Adams were once activists and stood by each other. Growing up, they found themselves going down different paths. With their mother dying, will Dawn and Marcia find peace?

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LT - CTA - 250

The West

Buckle up cowboy for a wild, wild, immersive show! In The West, you'll be able to sling guns and battle for control. Or you can get up to cowboy tricks? Don't miss out on the gold rush for tickets. Experience The West now.

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LT - CTA - 250

A Single Man

A Single Man follows George, an English man living in 1960s LA as he grieves over his husband's loss. A Single Man is originally by Christopher Isherwood, a writer who eventually created the Cabaret story.

Book A Single Man tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250


It's difficult to be a young person in 21st-century Britain. And what better way to understand today's world than through song. Millennials sets out to explore what younger people think of the world today, with a whole host of upcoming West End talent.

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Margaret Thatcher. Queen Elizabeth II. Two women who'll go down in British history for their rules. But what happens when the pair are in a room with one another? Indhu Rubasingham directs Moira Buffini's Handbagged, which puts women in politics centre stage.

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LT - CTA - 250

The Canterville Ghost

If you've got it, haunt it. Things go bump in the night at The Canterville Ghost. Oscar Wilde's spooky, spine-chilling story gets the family-friendly cabaret touch at Southwark Playhouse this autumn.

Book The Canterville Ghost tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

See the all-male comedy ballet company present their latest two-part dance at the Peacock Theatre this September. It's packed with plenty of tutus and testerone!

Book Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo - Part A tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Book Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo - Part B tickets on London Theatre.

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German Cornejo's Tango After Dark

The Argentine Tango world champion, German Cornejo, returns to London with another display of sensual dancing this summer. Delve into a Latin dancing world and imagine you're in a new world thanks to this passionate display.

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LT - CTA - 250

House of Flamenka

Looking for a dance spectacular? Welcome to the House of Flamenka. The Meditteranean-inspired choreography features the very best Flamenco, Latin, and contemporary routines.

Book House of Flamenka tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

ABBA Voyage - 1200 - LT - 290422

ABBA Voyage

The dizzy heydays of ABBA topping the charts may be over, but the ABBA-tastic fever is real and it’s back in London. Experience the Swedish quartet in a new light at ABBA Voyage, a concert-cross-theatre experience that blends the latest technology and live music for a sensational evening. During the 90 minute concert, you can dance the night away with thousands of fellow ABBA lovers and hear your favourite songs live. ABBA Voyage marks the future in concerts and theatregoing. Head to the ABBA Voyage dancefloor now.

Book ABBA Voyage tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Sister Act

We’re going to church this summer, thanks to Sister Act in London! Spread the heavenly word by seeing Beverley Knight, Keala Settle, and more in this gospel-infused hit. Knight plays Deloris Van Cartier, a lounge singer who is begrudgingly forced to join a convent. As time passes, she realises she’s got a new choir to mould, and they can all raise their voices. Sister Act only plays for a month in London, so you’ll want to secure your seats now. Don’t miss out on being in these heavenly pews!

Book Sister Act tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Anything Goes - 750 - LT - 160622

Anything Goes

Set sail on the S.S America this summer at Anything Goes. The musical theatre tonic returns to London for a second docking. It’s complete with Cole Porter jazz hits like “You’re The Top” and “I Get A Kick Out of You”, as well as Olivier-winning choreography from Kathleen Marshall. Kerry Ellis plays Reno Sweeney, a evangelist and nightclub singer, in this Golden Age musical of identities, love, and laughter. Bonnie Langford, Denis Lawson, and Simon Callow also star. Check out our five-star review of Anything Goes and book your tickets now.

Book Anything Goes tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Punchdrunk: The Burnt City

The world-leading immersive theatre company, Punchdrunk, return with their latest offering. Named The Burnt City, audiences can delve into the mythical tales and catastrophic events that took over ancient Greece. As you roam in a colossal playground with infinite places to explore, you’ll be taken down the streets of Troy and meet legends. Could you save the burnt city before it’s too late?

Book Punchdrunk: The Burnt City tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Magic Mike Live

Find your inner unicorn at Magic Mike Live, the scintillating and scorching dance show taking over London’s West End. It’s based on the Magic Mike films, and it follows a young man who pursues his dancing dreams. But don’t be fooled. Magic Mike Live isn’t a glorified striptease. There’s live music, aerial acrobatics, street dancing, and gymnastic displays. Here’s why you need to see Magic Mike Live in London.

Book Magic Mike Live tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Mamma Mia! The Party - 1200 - LT - 240322

Mamma Mia! The Party

Gimme, gimme, gimme… an ABBA-themed immersive dining experience. Yes, if you’re a Mamma Mia! film fan, you’ll want to reserve your table at Mamma Mia! The Party. As soon as you step in to the show, you’re immediately transported to the Greek islands. Then, enjoy a four-course meal as the performance unfolds around you. Expect plenty of good food and good music. Finally, the show ends with a spectacular ABBA disco. Get ready to be the dancing queen!

Book Mamma Mia! The Party tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Ever watched a film and wanted to be a part of it? Enter Secret Cinema. The immersive company blend live theatre with popular films to create a viewing experience unlike any other. This year, you can be a Marvel superhero and travel through space and time at Guardians of the Galaxy. And don’t worry, the cast will say more than “I Am Groot.”

Book Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera]

Typically, we see politicians as staunch, uptight characters. But what if they were part of a rock band, playing to crowds? There’s no need to think it. Join Labour politician and Ugly Rumours frontman Tony Blair in Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera.] Harry Hill’s latest musical offering follows the prime minister in his hedonistic days through to making lifechanging military decisions. Don’t expect serious storytelling here though. Songs include “Kill the Infidel” and “I Never Did Anything Wrong.”

Book Tony! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera] tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Fashion Freak Show - 750 - LT - 270622

Fashion Freak Show

Get ready to strut down the runway — well, the streets of London — this summer and head to the Roundhouse for a Fashion Freak Show. The stylish show honours the life and career of Jean Paul Gaultier, a world-renowned designer whose haute couture styles push the fashion world into new heights. During the show, you'll see hundreds of Gaultier’s original designs on stage. If you’ve ever wanted to be at London Fashion Week off-West End, this is the show for you.

Book Fashion Freak Show tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

101 Dalmatians - 750 - LT - 200522

101 Dalmatians

Kate Fleetwood plays the mistress Cruella de Vil in the world premiere of the 101 Dalmatians musical this summer. In this barking-mad musical, follow Cruella as she tries to create a fur coat made out of Dalmatians, but comes up against a litter of angry puppies. Sadly, there aren’t any real dalmatians on stage. Instead, there’s incredible puppets designed by Toby Olié. Find out more about puppets in the West End.

Book 101 Dalmatians tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

South Pacific

Don’t wash that man out of your hair! See the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific at Sadler’s Wells this summer. The glorious musical sees an American soldier fall in love with a local woman, and how their love comes together and grows stronger. The South Pacific cast includes Julian Ovenden, Gina Beck, Rob Houchen, Joanna Ampil, and Sera Maehara.

Book South Pacific tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

My Neighbour Totoro

Studio Ghibli will take over London’s theatres this autumn, courtesy of My Neighbour Totoro. The popular film will be adapted for the stage, in a collaboration between the Royal Shakespeare Company, Improbable, and Japanese station Nippon TV. My Neighbour Totoro follows sisters Satsuki and Mei as they discover new, magical neighbours on their doorstep.

Book My Neighbour Totoro tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250


The Greek myth comes to life in the open-air world this year. Inua Ellams directs a three-week run of Antigone in London. Expect heroic scenes, conflicted family dramas, and epic storytelling.

Book Antigone tickets on London Theatre.

LT - CTA - 250

Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby

The Peaky Blinders series may be over. But the stories of the Shelby family live on. Rambert present a new dance production inspired by the BBC show firmly inspired in the Peaky Blinders criminal underworld. But during this, you’ll be transported back to World War One and see Thomas Shelby on the frontline.

Book Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby tickets on London Theatre.

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