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Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Think of British history, and you’ll probably think of the Royal Family. Everyone paints a different picture of members of the Royal Family in their minds. But, once a part of the Royal Family, all your actions are magnified and examined world over, with royalists and critics coming together to talk about their decisions.

There’s plenty of monarchical representation in the theatre world too, with dozens of political dramas inspired by the lives of the royals. From those who ruled centuries ago to current rulers and their inevitable successors, these political dramas have had audiences on the edge of their seats.


It’s not just the rulers represented on stage. It’s their partners too, who have previously been shunned to the side by textbooks. Now, thanks to Six, Henry VIII’s wives sing their hearts out in a historical musical remix for the ages.

At first, they’re all competing to see who had it worse off. Being divorced is one thing? How about getting your head chopped off? By the end, though, the women join forces, realising their collective power is stronger than Henry VIII’s individual beliefs. The Six queens really are one of a kind.

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Founding Father Alexander Hamilton is definitely the star of the eponymously named musical, there’s no question about that. But, it’s not without a supporting act like King George III. Appearing at select moments, King George III is portrayed as the jealous baddie, desperate to cling onto world domination. By his final appearances, he’s stunned by decisions made by American politicians. Seeing John Adams as President? Good luck.

Shakespeare histories

There’s a whole genre of Shakespeare plays dedicated to the British monarchy. Rulers from centuries ago are at William Shakespeare’s literary disposals, including Henry V and Henry VIII The lives of British monarchs remain immortalised by the words of William Shakespeare forevermore.

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Photo credit: Henry VIII (Photo courtesy of Shakespeare's Globe)

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