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Photo credit: The Great Gatsby (Photo by Mark Senior)

‘The Great Gatsby’ extends London run to August 2021

The record-breaking show continues as the longest-running immersive production.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

The Great Gatsby will continue to invite audiences into the roaring twenties, as a further extension has been confirmed. Performances will now take place at the show's central London location to 29 Aug. 2021.

Following the first UK lockdown, the production reopened in October under socially distanced conditions. However, The Great Gatsby was forced to suspend performances once again after London was placed in tier three.

Producers Louis Hartshorn and Brian Hook said "100 years ago our society came out of a pandemic and into the "Roaring '20s", so it feels fitting that The Great Gatsby should be leading the fightback for the creative sector after Covid-19."

Inspired by the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby allows audience to join the literary characters at one of Jay Gatsby's parties. Craig Hamilton currently plays Gatsby, alongside Lucinda Turner as Daisy, James Lawrence as Nick, Dean Graham as Tom, Lucas Jones as George, Ivy Corbin as Jordan, MJ Lee as Myrtle, Hugh Stubbins as Rosy Rosenthal, Aimee Barrett as Lucille and Alex Wingfield as Joey.

In a review of the revived production, "to get gladrags on, clink glasses and be a guest of Jay Gatsby's latest party was a much-needed life tonic." 

The Great Gatsby is at Immersive London to 29 Aug. 2021.

The Great Gatsby tickets are on sale now.

Photo credit: The Great Gatsby (Photo by Mark Senior)

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