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Travel back in time with tickets to West End shows based on 1980s stories

Enjoy the 1980s renaissance in London's theatre scene, with comic book shows like Eugenius!, the sci-fi hit Back to the Future, and romantic shows like Dirty Dancing.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Have you ever put together a mixtape for that special someone? Spent hours snapping the best camera angles on your Polaroid? Worn multiple bright scrunchies in your hair? They’re all current trends taking over our social media feeds, but they’re not new ideas — they came from the 1980s.

The 1980s clearly serves as inspiration for exciting West End theatre too, as many musicals are jumping on the 1980s bandwagon and adopting the coolest trends from the decade.

There are West End musicals based on 1980s films to enjoy in London, like Back to the Future and Heathers. Or if you want to reminisce about the 1980s television days (pre-streaming and pausing live TV), then Only Fools and Horses: The Musical is the show for you. Here are all the West End shows with a 1980s flair.

Heathers - 750 - LT - 030322


Honey, what are you waiting for? The 1980s on stage, of course! The cult movie Heathers tells the story of Veronica Sawyer, an innocent high schooler who finds herself part of the popular crowd. Very quickly, Veronica stands out from everyone around her, attracting wanted — and unwanted — attention. Will Veronica’s newfound ways impact her future? You’ll have to step into the candy store to find out.

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Back to the Future - 750 - LT - 030322

Back to the Future: The Musical

We don’t know what people in the 1980s thought of the “future.” It’s likely that they’d see us cruising around in hovering cars and robots would do everything for us. They also wouldn’t expect 1980s films to hold a special type of nostalgia, or that the stories would still entertain today.Back to the Future: The Musical pieces the original 1985 film Back to the Future scene-by-scene, and the result is truly spectacular!

Back to the Future: The Musical sees teenager Marty McFly and mad-scientist-turned-accidental-time-traveller Dr. Emmett Brown sent back to 1955. The pair can only return to the “future” by making sure Marty’s parents fall in love — again.

Expect cheesy dance routines, catchy songs, and a light display similar to 1980s raves. Dress like Marty McFly and wear your neon orange jacket at Back to the Future: The Musical now.

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Eugenius - 1200 - LT


Put down the Teen Titans comics. Stop watching Garfield on screen. Head into outer space with Eugenius!, the 1980s superhero musical where it pays to be your best self. When a Hollywood producer whisks Eugene off to bring Eugene's fantasies to life, the teenager must mix reality with his wildest dreams. Expect plenty of 1980s reference in this love letter to a spandex-clad era.

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Idiots Assemble - 1200 - LT

Idiots Assemble: Spitting Image The Musical

Tom Cruise? Adele? Ian McKellen? RuPaul? All in one show? Yes, that's Idiots Assemble. The 1980s satirical comedy television show Spitting Image reimagined current affairs through puppet caricatures. 40 years later, Spitting Image is back and glossier than ever, thanks to a sparkling stage adaptation. King Charles III tasks Tom Cruise to create the UK's "Magnificent Seven" with interesting results.

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