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Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Seeing live theatre offers life-changing experiences for people of all ages. Anyone can enjoy West End theatre, and what better time to start seeing theatre than as a teenager? Many West End shows present a different way of storytelling and offer lessons in a new way for young minds. An important message may make better sense through song rather than through a stern telling off. Or maybe teenagers will watch a show at a young age and revisit it on many occasions, kickstarting a lifelong love of theatre. Stop your teenager being glued to their phone, and plan a West End theatre trip that even the trendiest teenagers will love. 

There are plenty of West End shows suitable for teenagers. Some West End musicals are set in high schools, and they offer lessons in history like Six and Come From Away

Discover the best West End shows for teenagers in London, and book theatre tickets now.

Wicked - 750 - LT - 260522


Wicked is filled with life lessons for teenagers. First, it's important to accept and listen to people who may be different to you. That couldn't be clearer in Wicked, as Elphaba and Glinda are paired together as roommates. They're each other's worst nightmare, but when they learn more about one another, they quickly realise they can change each other's lives. Also, Wicked teaches that it's okay to not feel okay. Elphaba learns to live with people who can't look her in the eyes, but she begins to feel comfortable with her individuality; even if she doesn't always use it for "good."

Since Wicked premiered in London in 2006, the enchanting musical has captivated generations of teenagers. There's plenty to capture teenagers' imaginations, like exciting dance routines, colourful characters, and flying monkeys, yes, flying monkeys are real in Oz! Dare to defy gravity in the West End with Wicked tickets.

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LT - CTA - 250

The Play That Goes Wrong - 750 - LT - 030322

The Play That Goes Wrong

Forget scrolling through funny TikTok videos on repeat. Laugh at the silliness and mayhem in The Play That Goes Wrong. Mischief Theatre's first and longest-running comedy play sees a company of actors hobble their way through disastrous rehearsals and prepare to open a show. The show must go on for these actors, even if it looks unlikely! If you know teenagers that enjoy being on stage, why not treat those teens to see a comedy like The Play That Goes Wrong and laugh about previous theatre experiences?

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LT - CTA - 250

Six - 750 - LT - 200522

Six the Musical

Are you ready to "Get Down" with the Six queens? Treat your teenagers to an unforgettable history lesson at Six the Musical. This Tudor-themed show puts Henry VIII's six wives in the spotlight, and they all take to the mic to share their stories of heartbreak, romance, and unexpected consequences.

Six the Musical is an accurate retelling of Tudor history while throwing in contemporary nods with Adele- and Beyonce-inspired melodies. Gabriella Slade's eye-catching Six the Musical costumes could definitely be a part of London Fashion eek too. It also clocks in at 80 minutes too, perfect for teenagers with a short attention span. If all you wanna do is see a fun show, go to Six the Musical in London.

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LT - CTA - 250

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