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  • Photo credit: Friends (Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash)

    William Shakespeare plays have greatly impacted the English language. However, his way with words may not directly translate to modern day vernacular. Whenever Shakespeare mentions friends or discusses friendships, he's not just referring to acquaintances. Friends and family are interchangeable concepts for Shakespeare, but heartwarmingly, friendly quotes can still be found in Shakespeare plays regardless. Here's some of our top quotes about friendship found in Shakespeare plays.See Shakespeare...

  • Shakespeare's Globe

    Most of Shakespeare's most famous plays take place beyond the borders of his homeland: Italy, France, Bohemia, Denmark. But Shakespeare left many traces of his life in the country where he built his career, even if he didn't depict it very often.If you're traveling in and around London today, take a tour of famous Shakespearean spots —with some less well-known stops along the way. The Globe (Bankside) Where else can we start? This replica of the theatre Shakespeare partly owned was built by an...

  • Photo credit: BBC Musicals (Photo artwork by BBC)

    Celebrating the art of musical theatre, the BBC will be presenting a series of musical events. As part of the broadcast, BBC Musicals: The Greatest Show will be available to watch on 7 February 2021. The list of West End actors has been announced, all performing at the London Palladium and it's a stellar lineup.Check out the full list of performers and look forward to the show with us!West End musicals taking part in BBC Musicals: The Greatest Show <iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay;...

  • Photo credit: Ocean (Photo by Giga Khurtsilava on Unsplash)

    Every few days or so, new viral trends take over social media. Whether it's photo challenges or dance crazes, millions of creatives get involved in these trends, typically popularising songs released decades ago. The latest viral trend is making sea shanties, and while it may seem mystifiing, there's a musical theatre history to this song style. Sea shanties were originally sung by 16th-century sailors to keep them in rhythm as they spent gruelling months working on ships. Fast forward over...

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