Here's why Black Friday theatre tickets make the best Christmas gifts

Give the gift of theatre this Christmastime when you save up to 40% on tickets to West End and Off-West End shows — here are some of the best gift options.

Kate Riley
Kate Riley

If you’re looking for Black Friday Christmas gifts, then you've come to the right place. We’ve got affordable theatre tickets to over 40 shows in London, including West End shows, Off-West End productions, and immersive shows in London. Theatre tickets make great Christmas presents for friends, family, and that special someone in your life. Check out our top Black Friday tickets in the West End and do all your Christmas shopping today.

Take a look at some of the Black Friday shows in 2023!

The Book of Mormon - 750 - LT - 030322

The Book of Mormon

Forget what you know about the religious text. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone team up with Robert Stone to create this sensational show. The Book of Mormon satirises Mormonism, but this musical will always have a place in your heart. The shocking musical follows two missionaries sent to Uganda to spread Mormonism throughout the tribes. They've injected plenty of shocking humour into the musical, as well as hilariously titled songs like “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream,” “All American Prophet,” and “Tomorrow is a Latter Day.”

In a five-star The Book of Mormon review, our critic said: “It is cleverly written and extremely well-produced, and the excellent, energetic performances give the impression that the cast are loving every minute of it. It is enormously enjoyable, and the laughs keep coming even when the story-line seems about to run out of steam.” Head two by two to the Prince of Wales Theatre today with The Book of Mormon tickets.

Book The Book of Mormon Black Friday theatre tickets.

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Frozen - 750 - LT - 030322


For the first time in forever journey to Arendelle in this icy Disney adventure. Adapted from Disney's 2013 film, Frozen brings the beloved story to the stage with an array of songs, storytelling, and plenty of snowflakes. Join Anna on her quest to find her sister Elsa and save the kingdom from an enternal winter. Enjoy all your favourite songs from the film like "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?" and "Let It Go," alongside new stage creations like "Hygge" and "Colder By the Minute."

In a five-star review, our critic said: "The legendary ice queen likely feels at home in the completely redone Theatre Royal Drury Lane, which feels positively palatial with vaulted ceilings, detailed frescos, and golden accents. All it takes for a journey to the kingdom of Arendelle is a step inside its doors, or rather, gates. Add to that an expanded and updated story and additional music and magic, and Frozen seems to have found its ideal home in the West End, where it deserves to stay for many years to come."

Book Frozen Black Friday theatre tickets.

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Crazy For You - 1200 - LT

Crazy for You

You'll go crazy for this dazzling revival starring Olivier Award nominee Charlie Stemp. All wealthy banker Bobby Child dreams of is to become a dancer. When his mother sends him to Deadrock, Nevada, to foreclose on a theatre's mortgage, he meets the owner's daughter, Polly. In a bid to win her heart, he ends up rallying the enthusiastic townsfolk behind him to show them that the show must go on.

In a five star review on London Theatre, our critic said: "Who could ask for anything more? No, really – who could emerge from this dazzlingly staged, astonishingly performed, gold-standard, shimmering dream of a show without walking on air? Susan Stroman's Crazy For You is pure musical theatre heaven."

Book Crazy for You Black Friday theatre tickets.

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Guys & Dolls - LT - 1200

Guys & Dolls

Sit down and rock the boat with tickets for Guys & Dolls this Black Friday. This immersive revival of Guys & Dolls follows Nathan Detroit, a Manhattan gambler who needs to find a new location for his crap shooting games. He’s helped by Sky Masterson, who takes a chance on Nathan, settling their deal on a bet: Nathan bets Sky that he can’t take a woman of his choosing on a date. But as they meet their “doll,” Sarah Brown, the odds of falling in love go down until it’s almost inevitable.

In a five-star review, our critic raves: "Guys & Dolls is that rare show in which the book is the equal of the score, and this production so joyfully lands all of Abe Burrows and Jo Swerling’s zingers and larger-than-life, deliciously named characters, while also giving them dimensionality."

Book Guys & Dolls Black Friday tickets.

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The Time Traveller's Wife - LT - 1200

The Time Traveller's Wife

Don't miss the chance to see this new musical, adaptated from Audrey Niffenegger's bestselling 2003 novel, with music and lyrics by the award-winning Joss Stone and Dave Stewart. Henry, a man with an unusual genetic disorder that causes involuntary time travelling, battles to be with his soulmate, Clare, across the ages. As their love endures, time continually tears them apart, testing their relationship like never before.

In a statement to London Theatre, playwright Lauren Gunderson said: "It's a real joy to reframe the story for the stage. I am always drawn to a big, complex, emotional, brainy, surprising, edgy romance. And The Time Traveller's Wife has all of those elements in abundance."

Book The Time Traveller's Wife Black Friday tickets.

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Sister Act - 1200 - LT - 130722

Sister Act

Don't miss this classic story following singer Deloris Van Cartier as she takes refuge in a convent as part of a witness protection program. Her time with the nuns of Saint Katherine's Convent inspires them to find their voices, stand tall, and sing out loud and proud. Originally played by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1992 film, the Sister Act musical, featuring songs like “Take Me To Heaven,” “How I Got the Calling,” and “Spread the Love Around,” brings gospel-infused joy to the stage.

In a five-star review for London Theatre, our critic said: "“It’s a classic, jubilant story of the power of community and coming together set to rollicking music and full of humour and dancing. Tim Mitchell’s lighting makes you feel like you’re at a gospel concert."

Book Sister Act Black Friday theatre tickets.

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The Little Big Things Cast 1200 LT

The Little Big Things

See the stage adaptation of Henry Fraser's inspirational autobiography, The Little Big Things. Henry was a passionate sportsman until a life-changing diving accident left him tetraplegic. He and his family had to adapt to a completely different way of living. Against all expectations, Henry displayed immense courage and resilience, surpassing projections for his recovery. He refused to surrender to the challenges, emerging as a highly successful artist, motivational speaker, and bestselling author.

In a four-star review, our critic said: "The show puts disability movingly and unapologetically centre stage in a venue whose commitment to accessibility and outreach is everywhere evident."

Book The Little Big Things Black Friday theatre tickets.

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Unbelievable - LT - 1200


Enter the mesmerising world of master illusionist Derren Brown with his latest creation, Derren Brown Presents - Unbelievable. Derren Brown is a celebrated illusionist with a career spanning over two decades. Unbelievable fuses illusion, sleight of hand, and mind-reading, accompanied by a live band and an ensemble of performers. While Derren Brown does not perform in the show, the production is a testament to his exceptional creative team, which includes Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor.

Derren Brown has earned two Olivier Awards and a reputation for his one-man shows, captivating sold-out audiences on tours across the U.K., in the West End, and on Broadway. Find out more about Derren Brown shows in the West End.

Book Unbelievable Black Friday theatre tickets.

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Cruel Intentions - LT - 1200x600

Cruel Intentions

Don't miss the sensation that took New York and Los Angeles by storm, as Cruel Intentions: The '90s Musical makes its London debut. Based on the iconic 1999 film Cruel Intentions, this musical adaptation follows the lives of manipulative step-siblings, Sebastian and Kathryn, as they indulge in a dangerous wager. Kathryn challenges Sebastian to seduce Annette, the virtuous daughter of their school's headmaster.

The musical embraces a selection of '90s jukebox pop classics. You'll be grooving to chart-toppers like "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve, "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M., "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia, "I Saw the Sign" by Ace of Base, "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Aguilera, and many more.

Book Cruel Intentions Black Friday theatre tickets.

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Find out what happens to your wishes in an exciting immersive expeirence this holiday season. Board the Wishmas train as you meet Wishkeepers, Robins, and Father Christmas along your journey. There’s plenty to explore in this magical realm, including the Wishmas Market, where you can experience festive cheer, crafts, and treats, inlcuding products by premium event partners Fortnum & Mason's and Pip Organic.

Wishmas features an original story from the minds behind Secret Cinema.

Find out more about Wishmas with our complete guide.

Book Wishmas Black Friday theatre tickets.

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