Jukebox musicals in the West End

Discover the inspirational stories behind the greatest singers of all time at pop musicals. Get jukebox musicals tickets on London Theatre.
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West End musicals and popstars go hand in hand. As well as chart-topping singers regularly starring in West End shows, there's also London musicals inspired by popular musicians. Our selection of jukebox musicals including Mamma Mia!, Moulin Rouge! The Musical tickets, and Tina - The Tina Turner Musical tickets will allow anyone to indulge in classic hits. See electrifying performances of timeless pop songs, rock anthems, and soulful ballads in hit West End jukebox musicals.

Even if you’ve not heard of the artist, you’ll still want to experience their jukebox musical to discover their contribution to the music industry. Jukebox musicals invite new generations to learn about pop divas and the biggest artists of all time. And, at the end of the show, you may even be invited to sing along. Browse through our wide selection of jukebox musicals, covering everything from the Four Seasons to the Temptations. Get jukebox musicals tickets on London Theatre.

Frequently asked questions

What are some famous jukebox musicals?

Some of the most famous jukebox musicals are Mamma Mia!, featuring the songs of ABBA; Jersey Boys, with the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons; and Moulin Rouge! The Musical, with hits from a wide range of pop artists through the years. All these jukebox musicals and more are currently running in London and have tickets available on this page now.

What jukebox musicals are most recent?

Recent jukebox musicals that have premiered in the West End include Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, The Choir of Man, Ain't Too Proud, and Moulin Rouge! The Musical. All these musicals from recent years are still running and have tickets available on this page now.

What are the best jukebox musicals in London?

Jukebox musicals with rave reviews on London Theatre include Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Jersey Boys, and Mamma Mia! All these jukebox musicals have run in the West End for multiple years, proving that they remain fan favourites, too. These are just a few of the great jukebox musicals in the West End, though — the best jukebox musical for each theatregoer depends on what artists and music genres they like.

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