Drones Baby Drones

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As Barack Obama prepares to leave office, this world premiere double bill at Arcola Theatre from Wednesday 2 November to Saturday 26 November probes behind the scenes of America’s controversial drone wars, and asks what they will mean for our future.

In This Tuesday, a CIA director learns her daughter has been injured in a car crash, a White House security adviser is sleeping with an intern, a Pentagon General is working out in the gym. It’s 5am. In an hour, they have a vital decision to make.

In The Kid, it’s Wednesday. A missile hits a wedding in Pakistan. 7000 miles away, two drone operators begin their celebration. Pushing the button was the start. If only it was the end…


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Arcola Theatre in association with Nick of Time Productions and Jemima Khan
Nicolas Kent and Mehmet Ergen
Neil McKeown
Lucy Sierra
Cast list:
Anne Adams, Joseph Balderrama, Sam Dale, Raj Ghatak, Tom McKay, Rose Reynolds

Arcola Theatre

24 Ashwin Street, London E8 3DL
Venue Box Office:
020 7503 1646
Nearest tube:
West Finchley / Woodside Park

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