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A moving and thought-provoking play about mothers, daughters and the powerful need for reconciliation, Kindertransport tells a captivating story of survival and building a new life, and which strikingly resonates with current events facing the UK and Europe today.

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On the brink of World War II, nine-year-old Eva is sent to Britain for refuge from Nazi Europe, with little more than a suitcase and an identity label, one of 10,000 children evacuated in a rescue mission called the Kindertransport. Eva is taken in and raised by a well-meaning English woman. Torn between her German heritage and her need to wipe the Kindertransport experience from her memory, Eva eventually learns to adapt to her new life and identity. Kindertransport moves seamlessly between different time periods, as Eva confronts the painful past which was chosen for her and its consequences, and we discover whether she is ever to be reunited with the family she was forced to leave behind. Her story is based on autobiographic accounts from actual Kindertransport children.

Diane Samuels
Lou Stein
Cast list:
Michelle Collins

Chickenshed Theatre

290 Chase Side, Southgate, London N14 4PE
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020 8292 9222
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