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Death of England: Delroy
'Death of England: Delroy' delivers an 'explosive exploration of Black British identity'
“Keep your social racial distance please” intones a robotic announcement repeatedly in the opening moments of this electrifying new monologue by Roy Williams and Clint Dyer. This is not a play about... Read more
Photo credit: Lladel Bryant in Nine Lives (Photo by Bridge Theatre)
'Nine Lives' serves as a reminder for empathy, compassion and kindness
When we are first introduced to Ishmael, he is urgently seeking to escape. He is illuminated by a solitary light bulb dangling from above and his only companion on the strikingly bare stage is his... Read more
Photo credit: Craig Hamilton and Lucinda Turner (Photo by Mark Senior)
‘The Great Gatsby’ is back as an art-deco ‘sensory overload’
Nearly a year into this decade and it’s fair to say life isn’t exactly as "roaring" as we may have wanted. So, to get gladrags on, clink glasses and be a guest of Jay Gatsby’s latest party was a much... Read more
Yolanda Mercy in Quarter Life Crisis (Photo by Helen Murray)
Yolanda Mercy shines in 'Quarter Life Crisis,' a charming coming-of-age story
Quarter Life Crisis, Yolanda Mercy’s hit one woman show, initially staged at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 and now been remounted for the Bridge’s current repertory season, is a charmingly performed,... Read more
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