Big Shot

Big Shot the Musical

A story of ambition and love, Big Shot captivates with a blend of energy and poignance infused in its music and its characters. Big Shot is an exposition of original Irish composition and writing that simply cannot be missed.

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At the heart of Big Shot is ambition. Jeremy Crocker is precocious young lawyer focused on staking his claim in New York’s legal profession.  Carrie is an artist from Ireland who is in as relentless search for an investor, someone to take her work to the world stage. In New York, the City of Cities, their journey becomes entwined when Carrie begins working in Vivienne’s café, a hotspot for hotshots and one that Jeremy frequents.  In Jeremy, Carrie sees her investor, an opportunity to achieve the greatness that she believed she had to emigrate to find.  Crocker becomes hopelessly infatuated with Carrie, seeing her as someone that could complete him, and someone he could protect.


However innocent and well intentioned this romance might be, it threatens to derail Jeremy’s ambitions when it becomes apparent to the lawyer that Carrie is engaged to Hank Midden, a notorious white-collar criminal. Hank is a client of Jeremy’s who has recently been charged with murder.  The young advocate is faced with a dilemma that carries a double-edged sword: can he bring himself to forsake Hank’s case in order to be with Carrie, or stay true to his path and save Hank from the shackles of the law?  Will he choose love or justice?

Lauryn Gaffney
Songs by:
Lauryn Gaffney

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