Blue Stockings

Cambridge 1896, and Girton College, home to the country’s first female students, is an object of annoyance and derision to the rest of the university. The year’s intake of new women face economic difficulty, the distractions of men and radical politics, and the jaw-dropping prejudice that blights every aspect of academic life. Meanwhile, there looms the prospect of a controversial vote to decide: should these ‘blue stockings’ be allowed to graduate?

Jessica Swale
John Dove

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Our Blue Stockings Review

In this year's Globe programme, entitled 'Season of Plenty', we've moved on from the Shakespearian plays and now find ourselves deep in academic territory in this new play by Jessica Swale. Set in Girton College Cambridge at the end of the nineteenth century, this is Ms Swale's first full-length play, and is concerned with the struggle for women to gain equality with men in being able to study... Read more

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