Death of England: Delroy

Olivier Theatre, National, London
Death of England: Delroy
Olivier Theatre, National, London
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Performances of Death of England will return at the National Theatre in spring 2021. Read here for more information.

A family in mourning. A man in crisis.

After the death of his dad, Michael is powerless and angry.

In a state of heartbreak, he confronts the difficult truths about his father’s legacy and the country that shaped him.

At the funeral, unannounced and unprepared, Michael decides it is time to speak.

Michael Balogun performs this fearless one-person play which asks explosive and enduring questions about identity, race and class in Britain. It is written for him by Roy Williams and Clint Dyer who becomes the first black British artist to have performed, written and directed a full-scale production at the National Theatre.

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Clint Dyer
Pete Malkin and Jackie Shemesh
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Sadeysa Greenaway-Bailey
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Michael Balogun

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Olivier Theatre, National, South Bank, London, SE1 9PX
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Our Review of Death of England: Delroy


“Keep your social racial distance please” intones a robotic announcement repeatedly in the opening moments of this electrifying new monologue by Roy Williams and Clint Dyer. This is not a play about the pandemic, but it is thrillingly plugged in to our current extraordinary moment, with all its division, anger, and fear, all its ripping away of certainties and its fragile hope for the future. Opening night was also closing night, thanks to lockdown. For those who were there,... Read more


Back in 2005, I interviewed Clint Dyer when his production of a musical called The Big Life was about to transfer from Stratford East to the Apollo Theatre, and he became the first black British director to direct a musical in the West End. As he told me then: "The wonderful thing about being black in this country is that as a black person you have an amazing opportunity to be the first at a lot of things." Read more

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Photo credit: Michael Balogun in Death of England (Photo courtesy of National Theatre)
‘Death of England: Delroy’ to return to National Theatre in Spring 2021
Wednesday, 18 November, 2020, 10:31
After the initial run of Death of England: Delroy was cut short, the National Theatre have announced the production’s return to the stage. Performances will recommence in a reconfigured Olivier theatre in spring 2021, with dates to be confirmed. Audiences don’t have to wait until the spring to see the production, as Death of England: Delroy will be available to stream later this month. The show will be streamed online for free on 27 November at 7pm for a limited time of...
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