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First Knight Theatre presents a new production of Moira Buffini's West End comedy. 

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The Queen has met with every prime minister each week that she has been in London, since coming to the throne in 1952. Those meetings are not minuted and there are no other persons present, so no one really knows what was said. But supposing…
In Moira Buffini’s imagined account of those weekly meetings, she concocts a delicious, bitter-sweet confection of what might well have transpired on those tricky Tuesday afternoons – complemented by a dazzling cast of national and international politicians and personalities.

Moira Buffini
First Knight Theatre
Dan Armour
Michael Edwards
Dan Armour
Tony Reeves
Cast list:
Sue Higginson, Pauline Armour, Sara Tortell, Fiona McGahren, Howie Ripley and Mark Steere

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