Marco Polo - An Untold Love Story

Marco Polo - An Untold Love Story, The Shaw Theatre

In 1271, Marco Polo joins his father Niccolo and uncle Maffeo on their return to Shangtu in faraway Cathay. They are on a mission for the Great Kublai Khan to bring with them a hundred men of learning. The Great Khan rules an empire that stretched from the Danube to the Sea of Japan. Any form of contact with the vast Mongol empire does not only benefit Venice but the whole of Christendom. During this time, there are internecine wars among European potentates that delayed the election of a new Pope and, in the East, political conflicts abound among powerful Mongol warlords.
Amidst this historical setting, Act I of the musical recounts the voyage of Marco Polo from Venice to Central Asia and his encounter with Kogajin, the daughter of the Great Khan. They fall in love. However, Kogajin is a princess in the royal Mongol bloodline. Marco, on the other hand, is a foreigner and the son of an ordinary Venetian merchant.
Act II brings us to Cathay and tells the story of Marco’s quest, amidst strong opposition from the ruling Mongol elite. He is determined to do all that is required of him to deserve Kogajin. In the meantime, pride and ambition throws Marco into a personal struggle between the lure of power and the quest for true love.

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Rogelio Saldo Chua
Artists Theatre Company (UK)
Preece Killick
Songs by:
Rogelio Saldo Chua
Dong Calingacion
Mio Infante
Remus Villaneuva
Raven Ong, Odit Sarte
Cast list:
David Bianco, Lawrence Olsworth-Peter (Marco Polo), Stephanie Reese (Princess Kogajin), Pinky Marquez, Marie Glorieux (Empress Wu), Gian Gloria, Melissa Camba (Toragana), Chinggoy Alonso, Michael Pinsker (Niccolo Polo/Rustigielo), Nicholas Lupu, Benoit Dumbreville (Lord Khogatal), Ben Gumm, Nicholas Lupu (Kublai Khan)

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