A contemporary take. Hot on the heels of his coronation, Edward II recalls his lover Gaveston from exile, lavishing him with titles and riches. Their all-consuming lust makes enemies of the furious barons and bishops, alienates the King’s once-devoted Queen and tears England to pieces. Ultimately, the monarch himself is destroyed as are many of those who stood both at his side and in his way.

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Christopher Marlowe
Joe Hill-Gibbins

Olivier Theatre, National

South Bank, London, SE1 9PX
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Our Edward II Review

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, recently learned a very important lesson about power. Like many kings and politicians before him, he found that power only means anything if one has the support of others with less important titles and roles. Playwright Christopher Marlowe understood this all too clearly, even as long ago as the early 1590s when he wrote this play.

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