Four Thieves' Vinegar

Four Thieves’ Vinegar

A dark comedy about the Black Death.

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Matthias, an alchemist, has bankrupted himself trying to find a cure for the plague and has been thrown into prison for debt. There he is joined by Hannah, a garrulous widow, held for raising a riot, and young Jennet, who is sentenced to hang for theft. All three of them are busy plotting against each other in their efforts to escape when the pestilence arrives in the stone pits of Newgate. Whilst the other inmates - believing they are doomed - indulge in debauchery and drunkenness, Matthias begs his reluctant cellmates to help him make his sure-fire remedy. Unfortunately, the missing ingredient is gold - something they have no hope of obtaining without resorting to the only currencies they do have: sex, wit and lies.

Christine Foster
The 42nd Theatre Company
Adam Bambrough
William Alder
William Alder
Sally Hardcastle
Sally Hardcastle
Cast list:
Nick Howard-Brown, Kate Huntsman, Pip Henderson and Bruce Kitchener

Barons Court Theatre

In the cellar below the Curtains Up Pub, 28a Comeragh Road, West Kensington, London, W14 9HP
Venue Box Office:
020 8932 4747
Nearest tube:
Barons Court

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