Jane Eyre

West End

Cast includes: Benji Bower, Will Bower, Craig Edwards, Felix Hayes, Phil King, Melanie Marshall, Simone Saunders, Maggie Tagney, Madeleine Worrall From her beginnings as a destitute orphan, Jane Eyre’s spirited heroine faces life’s obstacles head-on, surviving poverty, injustice and the discovery of bitter betrayal before taking the ultimate decision to follow her heart.

Sally Cookson
Jane Eyre Schedule
Opening date: 
Tuesday, 8 September, 2015
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Sunday, 10 January, 2016

Our Review

The National Theatre should truly be commended for looking outside the often impenetrable boundary of the M25 for theatrical inspiration. This imaginative re-working of Charlotte Brontë's classic novel 'Jane Eyre' premiered at the Bristol Old Vic last year, directed by the creative genius that is Sally Cookson. The epic tale was divided into two parts in Bristol, but it was perhaps a wise... Read more

Written by Charlotte Brontë - a parson's daughter from an isolated village surrounded by bleak moors in my native Yorkshire - 'Jane Eyre' caused something of a stir when first published in the rigid and prudish, male-dominated Victorian England of 1847. Because Brontë's disturbing and sensually charged novel portrayed the antithesis of what society of the day dictated a typical Victorian woman... Read more

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