Scenes from An Execution

Cast includes Fiona Shaw Commissioned to paint a vast canvas celebrating the triumphant Battle of Lepanto, the free-spirited Galactia creates instead a breathtaking scene of war-torn carnage. In her fierce determination to stay true to herself, she alienates the authorities and faces incarceration. Her younger lover Carpeta is approached to take over and seizes the assignment for himself.

Howard Barker
Tom Cairns

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Our Scenes from An Execution Review

First performed on radio back in 1985, 'Scenes from An Execution' presents a mixture of fact and fiction. The factual element is encapsulated in the Battle of Lepanto, a staggeringly horrific sea battle between Turks and Christians which took place in 1571. The fictional element is that the Doge of Venice has decided to commemorate this infamous victory of the Christian Holy League with a... Read more

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