Taken At Midnight

Cast includes Penelope Wilton Hayhurst casts light on a universal theme as the mother of brilliant German Jewish lawyer Hans Litten fights for his release against the seemingly impossible might of the Nazi regime. Fearless and indomitable she confronts his captors at enormous personal risk. The unquestionable love of a mother for her son is put centre stage in Hayhurst’s study of the horrors of pre-war Nazi Germany.s Paige Britain, an ambitious young news editor of The Free Press, a tabloid newspaper locked in a never ending battle for more readers.

Mark Hayhurst
Jonathan Church

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Our Taken At Midnight Review

Here's a rare thing: a brand-new play by a first-time playwright in the West End. That's not the only reason to applaud Taken at Midnight, though. It is also a welcome example of a commercial theatre producer taking a creative initiative to make something happen: producer Mark Goucher himself commissioned the play from the writer Mark Hayhurst after seeing a TV drama he'd written on the same... Read more

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