The Red Barn

Lyttelton Theatre, National, London
The Red Barn
Lyttelton Theatre, National, London
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The great detective writer Georges Simenon escaped France at the end of World War Two, and arrived in the USA to start again. With his American wife, he settled at Shadow Rock Farm in Lakeville. Years later, he wrote La Main, a psychological thriller set in a New England farmhouse.

Previews from |
6th October 2016
Opening date |
17th October 2016
Booking from |
8th July 2020
Available until |
17th January 2017
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David Hare; Based on Georges Simenon’s novel 'La Main'
National Theatre in association with Scott Rudin
Robert Icke
Paule Constable
Tom Gibbons
Bunny Christie
Cast list:
Elizabeth Debicki, Hope Davis, Michael Elwyn, Stuart Milligan, Anna Skellern, Mark Strong, Nigel Whitmey, Oliver Alvin-Wilson and Jade Yourell.

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Lyttelton Theatre, National, South Bank, London, SE1 9PX
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Our Review of The Red Barn


Just as you shouldn't come out of a musical humming the sets, you'd hope that a stage thriller might provide more thrills than just a scene change. But it's virtually impossible to talk about The Red Barn, a slow but not very tense new psychological thriller set in 1960s Connecticut and written by David Hare from a novel by Geroges Simenon called La Main, without mentioning how gobsmacking the design is. Read more

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