Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier, The Brockley Jack Studio

The Toy Soldier is the first London stage play from Jonathon Crewe, a writer and filmmaker whose work has been exhibited and performed across Europe and the United States. It was first broadcast as a radio play on Resonance FM in 2014. Who Said Theatre is a new company dedicated to producing and performing new writing formed in 2015 by graduates of the Guildford School of Acting.

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A servicewoman is on trial in a UK courtroom accused of war crimes: the torture and murder of an Iraqi civilian in a military detention centre. As secrets about her childhood, her reason for joining the army and the affair that drove her to the very edges of her duty are revealed, the opposing lawyers build their cases around her. But in a case where the system is on trial as much as the accused, will justice prevail or will the outcome be as obscured as the reasons for the war in the first place?

Jonathon Crew
Who Said Theatre, Louisa Smith
Jonathon Crewe
Millie Ashdown
Cast list:
Bianca Beckles-Rose, Louisa Smith, Stanley Eldridge, Bruce Kitchener

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