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  • Tartuffe
    Lyttelton Theatre, National
    No Matinee

    A ferocious new version of Molière’s comic masterpiece.

    Orgon is the man who has everything. Money, power, a beautiful home and family. But lately he’s been questioning the point of it all. When he invites the irresistible Tartuffe into his seemingly perfect household, he unleashes a whirlwind of deception and seduction that threatens everything.

  • The Convert
    Young Vic
    Wednesday Matinee

    Black Panther star and Tony-nominated writer Danai Gurira’s striking play explores the impact of colonialism and Catholicism on black identity. 

  • The Daughter-In-Law
    The Daughter-in-Law
    Arcola Theatre
    No Matinee

    Following a sold-out first run, and three Off West End award nominations, The Daughter-in-Law transfers to Arcola Studio 1 for four weeks only.

    D H Lawrence’s groundbreaking play, never performed in his lifetime, entwines the struggles of a young married couple with those of a community on strike.

  • The Hunt
    The Hunt
    Almeida Theatre
    No Matinee

    We are a small community. The happiness of our children is everything. Our hopes and dreams rest in these tiny souls. 

    In a small town in northern Denmark, the children celebrate Harvest Festival.

    In the forest by the water the men of the lodge stand naked in the cold. This is their country. This is their song.

  • The Night Before Christmas
    The Night Before Christmas
    Southwark Playhouse
    No Matinee

    Gary’s life is shit. It’s Christmas eve, he’s broke, he’s promised his son some top of the range Power Ranger figures but he hasn’t delivered them, and now his ex wife is out to find him baying for blood.

    But none of that matters any more because Gary has a secret. A big, fat (well… small, tiny, and extremely festive) secret that might very well save him and the whole of humanity.

  • The Price
    The Price
    Wyndham's Theatre
    No Matinee

    David Suchet delivers a comic tour de force as a silver-tongued 90 year old furniture dealer in Arthur Miller’s ‘masterpiece’ (Daily Telegraph), The Price. 

    Two brothers , Victor and Walter Franz,  one a New York cop nearing retirement, the other  a successful surgeon meet for the first time in sixteen years to sell their family furniture stored in the attic of a condemned New York brownstone . Revelation follows stunning revelation as each brother realises the price they have paid for heart breaking decisions made decades earlier.

  • The Son
    Kiln Theatre
    Wednesday Matinee

    It’s just that I’m not like the others…

    As a family breaks down, a son begins to unravel. Nicolas is skipping school, lying to his family, hiding strange objects under his mattress. Is this typical teenager behaviour or a warning sign of hopelessness?

  • Tell-Tale Heart
    The Tell-Tale Heart
    Dorfman - National Theatre
    No Matinee

    The Tell-Tale Heart is a twisted, graphic and darkly-comic treat.

    Renowned for his ground-breaking work, Anthony Neilson (The Prudes, Unreachable, The Wonderful World of Dissocia) makes his National Theatre debut with this contemporary reimagining of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale of a haunted conscience.

  • Richard the Second
    The Tragedy of Richard the Second
    Almeida Theatre
    No Matinee

    King. The male ruler of an independent state; one who inherits the position by right of birth.

    King of the castle. A children’s game in which each child attempts to stand alone on a mound, or sandcastle, by pushing other children off it.

  • The Unreturning
    The Unreturning
    Theatre Royal Stratford East
    No Matinee

    A British Northern Coastal town. Three young men are coming home from war. Their stories, set at different times over the last 100 years, are beautifully interwoven in this compelling new play by Anna Jordan (Yen – Royal Court Theatre, Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting 2013). 

  • Three Sisters
    Three Sisters
    Almeida Theatre
    No Matinee

    We have no happiness and it doesn’t exist, we only desire it.

    1901. Moscow.
    In a drawing room, on a summer day, three sisters look for a new start.      
    Olga, the eldest. Masha, the middle child. Irina, the youngest.

  • Top Girls
    Top Girls
    Lyttelton Theatre, National
    No Matinee

    Now hiring: top girls wanted for prestige positions. Must be self-motivated go-getters with an appetite for success. No timewasters.

    Marlene is the first woman to head the Top Girls employment agency. But she has no plans to stop there. With Maggie in at Number 10 and a spirit of optimism consuming the country, Marlene knows that the future belongs to women like her.

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